"Sammy and Goliath" Now available

There were some things Sammy was good at, but other things he couldn’t do well at all. One boy let him know it—everyday. Goliath picked on Sammy until he didn’t show up at school anymore.

what they're saying.

A thought-provoking story that speaks to kids in any classroom.
— Sara Bauer, Social Worker
A story that can safely open the door to an honest discussion of bullying with our youngest citizens.
— Kelly Reynolds, Elementary School Teacher
Sandy Kegel has taken the familiar, yet often unspoken topic of bullying and crafted a clever story that brings contemporary characters to life as they interact with each other from opposite sides of the issue. The story provides a springboard for children and adults to enter into a deeper discussion concerning bullying and possible solutions to it. This is an intriguing read!
— Mark MacKay, Principal of Heritage Christian Schools
Dear Sandy,

What an awesome/timely/well written/necessary book!

Neat format – Sammy – his strengths, his problems, the ease of the bullying!
The power of the bully. Until he grew up. Wow......the consequences of his actions!
A book to give all children.....on either side of the ‘schtick’ ......to pause and reflect.
You presented the issues beautifully! You are GOOD, Sandy!!!!
John Konecny – what a fantastic artist! You associate with only the Best!
Love the questions for parents and educators. Great questions, with the possible/likely answers!
Orange Hat did well to find YOU – hopefully, you will each do very well by each other!!!!!
Thanks again for a Tremendous Read!!!!!!!”
— Joan Genske